Earthquake ID:  14 Date: 12/01/1891
Intensity:  VI
Earthquake Depth:   (kM)
Magnitude USGS:  
Latitude: 40.5
Magnitude Other:   Longitude: -108
Earthquake Information:
Hadsell (1968) listed an intensity VI earthquake occurring during December of 1891 in Axial Basin. Rizzari (1959) cited an article in the August 18, 1942 issue of The Steamboat Pilot that describes this earthquake. Oaks and Kirkham (1986) searched numerous sources for additional reports, but discovered only two, an eyewitness account in Fitzpatrick (1974) and a brief mention of the earthquake in The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction) on November 14, 1901. Oaks and Kirkham (1986) also contains an article from the August 13, 1942 issue of The Steamboat Pilot which is nearly identical to the article cited by Rizzari (1959). The Steamboat Pilot said “The earth was convulsed by ‘waves’ that rolled at intervals of a few seconds, lasting for a minute or more” and summarized the effects recalled by Hortense Fitzpatrick (Fitzpatrick, 1974). The earthquake was reported in Lily Park and by settlers scat-tered across the area. Fitzpatrick (1974) described the earthquake as a sound that “was as if a hundred-mile wind had struck with a roar and a seething hiss, while some stupendous power had hurled tons of loose earth against the side of the house”. Their house moved, calendars and pictures on the wall oscillated, dishes in the cupboard clattered, the lids on the cookstove made noise, and the earth rolled and vibrated. Their cow fell against the house. Thousands of tons of boulders rolled down Fitzpatrick’s cliff. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel on November 14, 1901, mentioned that an earthquake was felt in town in 1891 and that it was “not nearly so distinct” in their town as the November 13, 1901 earthquake.
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