Earthquake ID:  208 Date: 01/05/1966
Intensity:  V
Time: 12:37 AM
Magnitude:  5
Earthquake Depth: 5  (kM)
Magnitude USGS:  5
Latitude: 39.8
Magnitude Other:  3.4 GOL-1 Longitude: -104.712
Earthquake Information:
The January 5, 1966 earthquake was felt over a small area in the Denver-Brighton vicinity. An isoseismal map for this event is shown in Figure 30. Von Hake and Cloud (1968) and the USCGS quarterly series provided the felt reports and intensity ratings for the earthquake. Intensity V was reported in Denver, Commerce City, and Northglenn. Major and Simon (1968) indicated a magnitude of ML 3.4 for the tremor, while von Hake and Cloud (1968) de-scribed it as mb 5.0. Figure 30 suggests the earthquake was felt over an estimated 1,100 km 2, while Hadsell (1968) reported a felt area of 2,100 km 2.
Location Map: (click on image for full size view)
Location Map for Earthquake ID 208
122 - U.S. Geological Survey, Preliminary determination of epicenters and associated earthquake data report, January 1961-present, (formerly by U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, U.S. Environmental Science Services Administration, and U.S. Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).
130 - von Hake, C.A., and Cloud, W.K., 1968, United States earthquakes 1966: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 110 p.