Earthquake ID:  25 Date: 11/11/1913
Intensity:  VI
Time: 9:55 PM
Earthquake Depth:   (kM)
Magnitude USGS:  
Latitude: 38.1
Magnitude Other:   Longitude: -107.7
Earthquake Information:
Coffman, von Hake, and Stover (1982) described the three earthquakes on November 11, 1913 based on unpublished data from H.F. Reid. They indicate the quake was strong at Montrose, Ouray, and Telluride, and that objects were thrown from shelves and rocks rolled down cliffs at Ouray. According to Coffman, von Hake, and Stover (1982) the earthquake was felt over nearly 20,000 km 2 , and the maximum intensity was V. Oaks and Kirkham (1986) discovered a recollection of these events in a newspaper article describing the September 9, 1944 earthquake in the Montrose Daily Press on September 9, 1944. This article suggests that Ridgway was hardest hit in the area and that the quake centered near Portland, about 10 km south of Ridgway. Pictures fell from walls, dishes were broken, and the Ridgway school ceiling was damaged during the earthquake. Similar types of damage were reported over a wide area. Original newspaper accounts of this earthquake have not been located. We assign the damage reported in Ridgway an intensity VI and the reports from Montrose, Ouray, and Telluride an intensity V. A very poorly constrained isoseismal map for this event is shown in Figure 4. The felt area for this earthquake is estimated to be 13,600 km 2 , based on our isoseismal map. The epicentral location is slightly revised from previous studies to 38.1° N and 107.7° W, as a result of the above described newspaper account.
Location Map: (click on image for full size view)
Location Map for Earthquake ID 25
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