Earthquake ID:  298 Date: 11/27/1967
Intensity:  VI
Time: 5:09 AM
Magnitude:  5.2
Earthquake Depth: 5  (kM)
Magnitude USGS:  5.2
Latitude: 39.87
Magnitude Other:  4.6 NUT-2 Longitude: -104.885
Earthquake Information:
The Denver area was hit by another damaging earthquake on November 27, 1967. Figure 38 illustrates an isoseismal map for this event. Descriptions of felt effects and intensity ratings were recorded in von Hake and Cloud (1967) and the USCGS quarterly series. Intensity VI damage occurred at 20 locations. Damage was described as “chiefly cracked plaster, enlargement of existing cracks, and loss due to fallen merchandise in stores”. The earthquake was felt over an estimated 56,000 km 2, based on Figure 38. Von Hake and Cloud (1969) reported a felt area of 44,000 km 2, whereas Docekal (1970) suggested it was felt over 62,000 km 2. The outline of the felt area is strongly skewed in directions parallel and perpendicular to the mountain front. The distribution of higher intensities is elongated perpendicular to the mountain front. Von Hake and Cloud (1969) place the earthquake magnitude at mb 5.2, while Nuttli and others (1979) report magnitudes of mb 4.6 and Ms 3.8. Stover, Reagor, and Algermissen (1984) report an mbLg of 4.6. Hermann and others (1981) obtained a focal depth of 5 km and a seismic moment of 7.2 x 10^22 dynes-cm for the earthquake.
Location Map: (click on image for full size view)
Location Map for Earthquake ID 298
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