Earthquake ID:  75 Date: 09/09/1944
Intensity:  VI
Time: 4:12 AM
Earthquake Depth:   (kM)
Magnitude USGS:  
Latitude: 39
Magnitude Other:   Longitude: -107.5
Earthquake Information:
A moderate earthquake was felt over part of western Colorado during the evening of Septem-ber 8, 1944 (local time). Bodle (1946) described felt reports ranging up to intensity VI at Basalt, Montrose, and Riland. The earthquake cracked walls and chimneys, rattled windows, and overturned small objects in Basalt. Buildings creaked, loose objects rattled, and some plaster was cracked in Montrose. Reports from Riland indicate a strongly built log house was moved slightly out of line. Aspen, Eagle, Edwards, Gilman, and Grand Junction experienced intensity V shaking. Additional felt reports were contained in Bodle (1946), while “not felt” reports were in USCGS “Abstracts of Earthquake Reports”. Oaks and Kirkham (1986) described numerous newspaper articles concerning this earthquake. Additional felt reports were obtained from these articles and, along with those of Bodle (1946), were utilized to construct the isoseismal map in Figure 8. This map suggests the felt area for the earthquake was approximately 19,000 km 2 . Other estimates of the felt area size were 7,800 km 2 (Bodle, 1946) and 41,000 km 2 (Hadsell, 1968).
Location Map: (click on image for full size view)
Location Map for Earthquake ID 75
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